Bad and Toxic Habits That Are Holding You Back From Success


Life is all about growth. If you refuse to grow, you will stagnate, and will eventually die off. We desire success in our lives. We want the best in our relationships and marriages. We want to be financially OK. We want to be the best in our chosen careers and in every areas of our lives. But when we examine our lives more closely, we will observe that there are some grey areas that are holding us back.

According to experts, there are certain bad and toxic habits that are holding us back from success. And until you let go these habits, success may be far from you. It is my earnest desire that after reading this write up, you will begin to make adjustments where necessary.

Here are the bad and toxic habits you need to destroy to allow success to find you:

1. Cut The Unnecessary Meetings

Avoid unnecessary meetings. If you spend all your time meeting people when not necessary, you will have less time doing things that are necessary. If you must meet, try as much as possible to discuss all that is necessary. Make your decisions, and then go and do what you have agreed to do in that meeting without delaying or wasting any time.

2. Learn to Say ‘No’

This might surprise you, but most of us are in the habit of trying to please everybody while neglecting to attend to our own pressing needs. Saying yes to everything will hinder you from focusing on those things that are more important in your life. Learn to say ‘no’ to certain things. ‘No’ is at your disposal, and its your rights to use it whenever you chose to. No, learn to allow others to do their own work, and have time for yourself to focus on those things that matter most in your life.

3. Comparing Yourself with Others

You don’t have to compare yourself with others. When you do, you might see yourself as incapable, and this might lead to a low self image that will affect you. Focus on your strength, but try to improve in your areas of weakness. Break out from the habit of comparing yourself with others. If anyone has ever achieved success, then that’s an evidence that you too can achieve even greater success. Its within you; there is a giant within you that is waiting for your command. You can, and never you limit yourself.

4. Self Doubt

No one does it better and no one is perfect. We all make one mistake or the other in life. You are not the worst person in existence.We all have self-doubts, and we all have things we don’t like about ourselves. But the good news is that you can take positive steps that will help you to change those things that you don’t like about yourself.

5. Make No More Excuses

You may fool others, but you cant fool yourself. Fooling yourself will take you no where. Get up. Get going. Face the obstacles. Fight the battles if need be. But give no more room to excuses. Even if you fail trying, rise up and try again.No one achieve success by passing blames or giving excuses. Challenge yourself by all means until you have accomplished your set out goals.

6. Turn Distractions Off

There are so many distractions around you that are calling for your attention. Learn to turn them off. They have no positive contribution to your life, but will rather steal away your valuable time. If you permit distractions into your life, will end up achieving nothing at the end of the day. Your valuable time should be spent doing those thins that are relevant to your success. Spend those time reading some helpful books, instead of fooling around. Spend some time to learn new skills that will enhance your chance for success.

7. Turn The Social Media Off

Why waste your valuable time on social media? They will keep you stuck in your chair, achieving nothing. There will never going to be an ending to the stream of contents that keep coming up every second. You can take a brake from them and do some other things that are more valuable, except if the contents are relevant and can contribute positively to your life or career.

8. Seeking Perfection

No body is perfect, and it’s not going to happen. You are just procrastinating what you are supposed to do now. Spending more time on a project trying to improve it will not make it perfect. Give it your all, and move on to another once you are done.

9. Not Putting Enough Effort

Sometimes, you need extra effort before you can achieve anything meaningful. Giving up too early isn’t the way to achieving a sustainable and lasting success. If you give up too early, you may regret it later, and nothing is worse than saying “if only.” Know what you want, and go about achieving it. No more wishing. Use your time to build up your life to achieve what matters most to you.

10. Blaming Others

You are responsible for where you are now. Nobody is going to take responsibility for what you have left undone, and no body is going to take the credit for your success. So, why the blame game? Deal with it yourself, be bold enough to face your fears. Successful people aren’t necessarily better than you. Many worked their butts off to get what they have today. You aren’t lazy either, just that you don’t know any better, and are stuck blaming other.

11. Not Willing to Change

You can change your bad habits if you are willing to. Anybody can, its in you. All you need is to make the decision, and commit yourself to it, until you conquer.

12. Waiting

So, what is holding you back from pursuing your dream? Timing will never be perfect. Now is the perfect time for you to get started or to move on to the next challenge in your life or career. I challenge you to take the first step. Right now. I believe in you.

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