Guide to Liquid Toilet Wash Production



Liquid Wash

(A) Toilet Cleaner Batch 20 litres

Rose perfume (or others) – 1/10 litres

Empicol (or Liquid Detergent) – 1 litre

Soda Ash (or STPP) – ½ KG

Natrosol – 5 TSP

Colourant (e.g. Blue) – 2 tsp

Water – 13-15 litres
Total – 20 litres


1. Any good perfume can be used
2. Two perfume can be equally mixed
3. STPP is sodium Tripolyphosphate
4. TSP is Tablespoonful. Tsp is teaspoonful.

(B) 20 litres Batch Toilet Cleaner
Jasmine perfume – 1/10 litres (100ml)
Sulphonic Acid – ½ litre
Hydrochloric Acid – ¼ litres
Soda Ash – 1 kg
Natrosol – 5 TSP
Colourant (green) – 2 tsp
Water – 18 litres
Total – 20 litres

1. A good liquid detergent can be used to replaced Sulphonic Acid.
2. Hydrochloric Acid is a germ killer and stain remover
3. Natrosol is a thicker
4. Use only soluble colourants
5. Empicol is a foaming agent and emulsifier to help the ingredients to mix well.


1. Measure out the ingredients in separate containers.
2. Place the water in the mixer (bowl or tank) and add the soda ash (or STPP) and mix till fully dissolved. (about 20 minutes)
3. Add the empicol, detergent or sulphonic acid and mix slowly to avoid excessive foaming.
4. Add the perfume and mix till well blended (if not well blended , add ¼ litre empicol or others to blend well). (About 10 minutes)
5. Into a ½ litre cup of water, put the 5 TSP natrosol and mix well (about 10 second) and immediately add this mixture into the main product and continue mixing till the product becomes thick (about 5 minutes)
6. Add the Hydrochloric acid or cetrmidie and mix well (about 5 minutes)
7. If colourant is needed, add as the last item and mix to blend (about 3 minutes)
8. Pack product as needed in the market.