Hot Business Ideas

Small Cup Cakes
These are cakes that are produced in mini baking containers for occasions, events, supermarkets and fast food restaurants. The start up capital for this business is quite small. With a local home based oven of N25, 000, you can start the business. To get stated however, a thorough and practical understanding is necessary. Producing a wide variety of cakes with excellence and a focus of continual innovation will put you ahead of the competition.


Plantain Chips
Plantain chips making has slowly become a billion naira business. Before, few people were interested in eating plantain chips. However, with the advent of heavy traffic hold-ups in most cities in Nigeria, millions have adopted it as the quick snack that can  help hold off hunger till they get home. Finding out the flavor that people prefer in your area and constant adaptation to meeting these tastes will keep you smiling to the bank on daily basis. Supermarkets are another important point of sale you should consider in this business.

Ice creams Business
Ice cream making is another lucrative business. With the right skills and equipment( which are not so expensive if you are starting on small scale), you can succeed in this business. Birthday parties,and schools are very good places to start. Work on supplying supermarkets and fast food shops when you have made some profit and can afford to produce in plastic containers bearing your own labels.Cookie Production
Cookie making is another profitable business. The culture of eating cookies is catching up very fast in Nigeria today. It is very easy to make it if you have the skills and there is always a ready market in your neighbourhood.

Cake Making Business
Cake making is a destiny changing business. Most people often start from their home kitchens with very ordinary ovens. Cake making is a potential multiple income stream business. There is no good cake maker tat knows his or her onions that is poor, broke or jobless. Cake decoration and cake making classes can be another source of income for cake makers who have the space and time to run the classes.

Donut and Snack Making Business
This is also very easy to start. Great places where you can find customers include events, schools, churches, construction sites and areas with high foot traffic. This business requires a high level of hygiene, so you need a good training before starting the business.

Bread Making
Bread making business is another home based business opportunity that you can start with as little as an oven and a kneading table. It is very interesting business that can give you increasing  and substantial revenue on a daily basis.

Soap Making

Soap making business is another lucrative business you can try your hands on. This business is one where if done with excellence, instead of looking for customers; they will be the ones looking for you. Soap is an essential commodity in every home and as such people will pay you if your soap is very good. Good training and  constant research will help you succeed in this business. You can produce your own bar soaps and market around your neighbourhood. Herbal soaps are also doing particularly well in the market.

Popcorn Business
If you are jobless and looking for a business, why not try a popcorn making business? Everybody eats Popcorn; both the rich and the poor. Popcorn is sold almost every where. It is a business that once you  know how to do very well could make you very rich. The raw material to start this business is very cheap and it can be started from anywhere. You can even start a mobile popcorn business. This means, you take your machine wherever any event is happening. Another way you can make money from this business is to locate fast food shops in your neighbourhood that have customers but no popcorn stand. Approach the owners and make an economic offer to them. Chances are they will welcome you since it would add value to their businesses.
If you go to the extent of offering to share profits with them, chances are very slim that they would turn you down. Big church events are another great spot for locating this business. Also children parties and schools are additional sales point you should consider in this business.