Shopping Bag Production

How to start your own shopping bag Production Business

This is to highlight the investment opportunity in the high and low density pearl polythene industry. All over the world the use of polythene products has come to stay.
The project is the establishment of small scale plant for the production of various sizes of low/High density shopping polythene bag to supplement the efforts of the existing smaller companies in the country. The plant will produce these products (bags) for domestic and industrial uses.

Machinery and Equipment

The equipment  consist of the cutting machine with all the necessary units that do the proper shape etc.

Raw Materials
The raw material is available in the unlimited quantity in the country. The raw material is extruded plain or colour rolls of low or high density polythene. We have products in different levels of texture or density.

LDPE, HDPE TALPE, MHDPE etc( Polythene &Polyethylene Resins)

Production Process

Shopping bags making does not require any highly advanced knowledge or technique. Production of shopping bags involves the purchase of extruded nylon rolls which are feed into the machine that does the necessary production cutting, sealing and punching.

Production Capacity

There are various production capacity depending on the machine installed capacity. Some machines can produce as much as 20,000 pieces per day and 5,000 pieces per day (manual).

Potential Customers

There is a steady market for polythene bags. Operators of supermarkets, open markets sellers, hotels, etc use low density shopping bags, some with advertorial impression design printed on them. The use of polythene product is a daily affair. The market is available all year round. The list of market possibilities is endless.