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"Mentrobox me abrió las puertas a conseguir el sueño de publicar mi primera novela"

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Jessie Ann Foley

Autora Bestseller de "Sorry for your loss". 

Editorial Planeta

As a full-time teacher, Elana McDougall initially started writing Hidden Magic as a fun distraction from putting together report cards. Before she knew it, she had written a whole book. Faced with the choice of filing away her manuscript under “Done,” and publishing, she picked the latter.

Finding a non-judgemental editor

When I decided to self-publish Hidden Magic, my main goal was to elicit the same excitement I experienced writing the book from my readers. I wanted them to fall in love with the secret village full of quarrelsome mages and pine for the main characters’ romantic relationship.

Thanks to the full creative control that comes with self-publishing, I felt assured I'd be able to tell the story I wanted. That being said, as an indie author, the entire publishing process falls to you — and while I knew I needed a great editor to help bring my story to life, I didn't know where to look.

After doing a lot of research on self-publishing, I decided to work with Kobo and their author services recommended Reedsy — and I’m so glad they did! Before Reedsy, I had worked with a different editor, and the process had been stressful, to be honest. But this publishing platform had everything I needed to hire the right editor with confidence: reputable professionals with in-depth biographies and a plethora of author reviews. I ended up choosing Sara Kelly, based on how considerate she came across towards authors.
Taller en grupo de Novela Romántica

My Reedsy editor gave me direct insight into the mindset of readers